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Convenient Bicycle Rentals

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  1. Call, text, email, or request a rental online. Let us know:
    • how many and what types of bikes you want to rent,
    • where around the lake you want them delivered.
  2. We’ll give you an ETA. Plan for 60-90 minutes for same day bookings.
  3. Relax until your bike(s) are delivered. Maybe have a snack.
  4. When we arrive, we will:
    • Do a quick check of the bike with you to make sure it’s in perfect shape,
    • Adjust your bike so it fits,
  5. After that’s done, you will:
    • pay your rental fee (Mastercard, or Visa) and a security deposit, $200 to $500 depending on type of bike and size of group  (credit pre-auth)
    • review and sign the rental agreement.
  6. Enjoy the ride!
  7. When you’ve finished, you’ll lock up the bikes at a predetermined location,
  8. We recommend that you take pictures of the bikes before you leave them.
  9. You can carry on with your vacation and we’ll pick up the bikes as soon as we’re able.
  10. We’ll release your deposit as soon as we pick them up or you return them to the shop.